Friday, March 6, 2009

oh goody
Any equestrians out there?

Look at these beautiful saddle pads
created by Nancy Geaney of Dark Horse Farm Designs

Imagine this saddle pad on the back of a beautiful chestnut Morgan horse
Such a contrast:
big, strong horse; beautiful, feminine saddle pad
and check out this amazing quilt 
with a vintage horse show ribbon
from 1952

Nancy, Jennifer (as in Sis Boom) and I are all represented in this new shop. 
You can see some of the clothing by Sis Boom in the first photo.
And you all know my frames.  


Jennifer, Nancy and I have all used Sis Boom fabric in different ways.
Great examples of how versatile Sis Boom fabric designs are.

pictures courtesy of Nancy Gaeney


Jennifer Paganelli said...

I love the Goody Shop so many wonderful items you don't know where to focus first!!!Thanks so much Marnie!!

pve design said...

Oh Goody, I am having a little good giveaway over at my blog today as it is fab friday and a little gossip is good for girls!
Have a goody weekendy.

Karena said...

Marnie, Absolutely love your site and your works of art are perfect. I'm hoping to win the contest PVE Patricia is having!

Nancy said...

Aren't we somethin'! Thanks for the support, and yes we all know your frames. And love them! FYI, Flower Power is out there NOW! Quilters Alley has a pretty good selection. GET TO WORK!

vicki archer said...

Absolutely gorgeous goodies, Marnie. xv