Thursday, March 5, 2009

the fun begins
new fabrics arriving daily
charming packaging from a west coast fabric supplier
colorful bundle tied in twill tape

 top fabric from Heather Ross
she designs fanciful and whimsical fabrics
mermaids this season for mrr design
I used her fun goldfish in baggies a couple of seasons ago

other fabrics you will see soon
from an all-time favorite

hot color combos 

more color


pve design said...

Oh what fun, just looking at that pile makes me want to sew. Please see my fab friday gossip, "good gossip" giveaway!

Debra said...

Visiting from PVE~ these are wonderful Marnie~ I love how you can change your photo on a whim- for whatever strikes your fancy for the day!
I'll be back~
Ohh~ my word verification spells out UNWIN...

Diane said...

cute blog