Monday, March 16, 2009


Catchy name, right?
So catchy that the Martha Stewart show gave us tickets to their 
knitting-themed show to be aired on March 23.

Nine like-minded knitting fanatic friends 
started knitting as a group about three years ago.
We knit for ourselves and charity.
Last fall we decided to all make a blanket using the same pattern.
Everyone chose their own colors
I created the mosaic picture above to figure out what colors I wanted to use.
I am one of the slow knitters.
Knitting is my relaxation
and there are only so many free hours in my day.
I have six squares done out of 12, 
it is slow going...
 I should be done, but I have pulled back a lot to fix 
mistakes, mistakes, mistakes 
I will be happy when I am finished
 goal is to be finished by Easter,
on second thought, July 4th
(one square per week repeats on my 28 day list over and over)
my range of colors below:
Susan's combo
and Kathy's
and Kris's
Liz's blanket in early December
Liz was the first to finish
She had three done by Christmas!
Pam's finished product
a mini in production by Liz, aka speed knitter
check this out
another amazing piece of knitting by Pam
you can't even imagine how hard this looked
but stunning now 
just a little bit left to do
maybe it will be finished for the Martha show

more details and pics after the KNIT WITS experience the Martha show.

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