Wednesday, March 18, 2009

a sure sign that winter is almost over...
Stepping outside last Saturday I was greeted by the wonderful fresh smell of spring.
It was a bright morning with just the right nip in the air.
And look what I noticed in the garden.
These snowdrops came from Bavaria by way of 
Cincinnatti, then Wellesley, and now they are in my garden in Wilton.

My sister's in-laws emigrated to the USA from Germany in the 50's.
They tucked a few snowdrops deep in their luggage
to have some of their homeland in their new country.
The snowdrops thrived in Cincinnati and multiplied and multiplied.

Any Gardeners out there?  Check out the picture above - 
do the small white oval bulbs with short stems look right to you?  
Should they be above ground like that?

Opa brings more bulbs for the east coast garden whenever he visits.
One day I admired them and by the time I was ready to leave
Polly had dug up a stash for me to take back to Wilton.
I planted them about three years ago.
This is the first spring that I have seen them.
I thought they died.
A metaphor for life right now; 
don't give up, give everything a chance, 
a little bit of nurturing, maybe a slow start, 
and just when you think its done and gone,
it awakens.

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