Monday, March 2, 2009

I am asking for help from the blogosphere. 

creates these wonderful and unique picture frames.
It is so easy to change the picture - 
just slip the photo between the ribbon and fabric.

fabulous Heather Bailey fabrics

I am trying to grow the business
and thought why not try the grassroots effort;
it worked for Obama, why not me!

madras never goes out of style
monograms too 
The goal is to have my frames in more boutiques across the country.
I think the frames would do very well in the South and in Texas.

So here is my idea:
think about your neck of the woods - 
are there any stores 
where you think my frames would be a good fit?
If yes, please send me the store name and location.
If you have additional information about the store please send that along too.

I will pitch my frames to these stores.

If I receive an order you can choose any frame from my line 
send me your own fabric for a custom frame.

How is that for a nice trade.

Currently, my frames are sold in these charming boutiques in Connecticut:
Sea Beans in Wilton, Darien Sport Shop in Darien, 
Milestones in New Canaan, The Goody Shop in Westport
  All She Wrote in Chicago and Lake Forest, Illinois
and the Fuchsia Frog in Birmingham, Michigan.

The frames have also been sold in dozens of Junior Leaque,
and other charitable boutique shows for the last 10 years.

The frames are made in America
and crafted completely by hand.

The fabrics are fun and fresh and the ribbons are 
pretty grosgrain with constrasting topstiching.

The monogrammed ribbons add so many customization possibilities

I look forward to hearing your input for boutique suggestions.
with all my thanks,
Check out the photo - a face with a name - there I am with d.h.


hazel said...

Hi Marnie, I forwarded this post to a couple of my local shops here in Lexington, Ky. Good Luck!

Marnie said...

hazel - thanks a million!!

Anonymous said...

Try "Galapagos" in Charlestown,RI on the post road Funky current clothing and House gifts-ask for David or Sandra and show them the coolest fabrics(not too preppy!!!) They are open year round. They have a coffee shop too!!!!By the way,I LOVE your post!!!!! You go girl!
A fellow Knit Wit

Marnie said...

Howdy ms knit wit - i know who you are ... thanks for the store idea - and the words of encouragement

pve design said...

Send me one dozen of your brightest cheeriest right away. Let me know how much to send you. I love your work and they make fab gifts.

Farm Girl said...

Hey Marnie,

Don't get discouraged. (Please repeat those words to me) Anyway, try "A Bunch of Ladies" and the "Harmonious Hedgehog" in Terre Haute, IN. I think they will make a great fit. Keep your nose to the grindstone.

Sabina said...

Hi Marnie,

I love your frames!! I was thrilled to have won one of them via pve design!! I am going to feature it on my blog when it arrives!!