Monday, March 9, 2009

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It's March. 
Hibernation is over.
Getting into gear.

Lists of books.
Lists of things to do.
Lists of things to think about doing.
Lists of things that I have done.
Keeps me organized.
Keeps me focused.
Keeps me honest with myself.
I can be a terrible procrastinator.

I am trying to change, to improve, 
but it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

I digress,
Books I have read so far this year.
Books I have always meant to read.
There are too few on the first list and 
dozens on the second list.

It is hard to find the time
with work at the real job
and then more work on the creative stuff,
wife and mother stuff,
blog stuff,
chores and more chores,
constantly on the go.
This is why I like my hibernation so much.
I settle in for a long winter's nap - sort of.

I digress, yet again,
 One solution, multi-task,
books on cd
in the car, in the studio,
but it is hard to listen to non-fiction.
I  constantly hit the replay button with non-fiction,
because if I tune out, I usually miss something important
whereas with a novel, I can keep going and usually figure it out.
You miss the nuances of great writing if you are not reading.
On the other hand, I experience the book in a different way;
 I discover the character by the voice.
I know it's cheating when I listen...
but there is only so much time
I always fall into the blog hole:
reading blogs, not books.

My goal this year is to read more books:
novels & biographies.

I'll check back next month on my progress.

I call it 28 days, 
 my to-do sheet.
Each week I print it out and then scribble all over it all week long.
Then the next week - I add and subtract info. 
If the stuff stays on the list for too many weeks, 
my thinking is,  I will be embarrassed into finishing the task.
Works for me, maybe it will work for you too.

over and out


corine said...

I'll be watching so you can be accountable with someone :-)
I know what you mean about reading blogs not books. If it wasn't for reading (or is it listening) to books on tape I would not be able to keep up with my own tall order of books to read.

pve design said...

so works for me.
love this post.
reading "Trail of Crumbs"
"The Power of Less"
and more....
to do.

Nantucket Mermaid said...

What have you been reading? I'm a pretty good book recommender...(kind of like a decider) How about Geraldine Brooks"People of the Book" ?xo