Thursday, March 19, 2009

 NYC - Bryant Park
Stopped here yesterday for a sandwich and a little knitting
before meeting up with the other Knit Wits.

Knit Wits road trip
 Martha's knitting show in NYC.

Coffee clutch and animated hands.

The bears were knitted by Kris for the
To date 37,000 bears have been knit by hand and given
to children afflicted by HIV/AIDs in emerging nations.
The Knit Wits are going to knit a few more bears. 

Studio shots
 sorry for bad photos,
flash not working properly with all the bright lights

Everyone was encouraged to knit throughout the show.

Another set shot.
dh worked in a tv network control room for years.
I loved seeing the production team in action behind the scenes. 
The studio audience view is another unique perspective.
So much more fun to watch than the edited production.

View from our perch,
good seats in the middle, 3/4 of the way up.
Good size audience.

One of knitters and her beautiful felted bag 

more gorgeous felted bags

and check out this coat.
I will post some more pictures from the Martha blog 
after the show airs on March 23, 2008.

We all came away wishing that there had been more talk about 
knitting, fibers, designers, resources.
It was still a good road trip.
We are getting together for lunch and viewing on Monday

and it was a gorgeous almost spring NYC day.

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pve design said...

good day for a good yarn.
looks like a fun trip.