Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In honor of St Patrick's day
image from A Shaded View of Fashion
9 Feb 2009

When my daughter was little
 a leprechaun would leave a book under her pillow
on St Patrick's day -
a little bit of magic that started randomly one year 
when I wanted an excuse to buy my sweetie more books!
Miss Is loves to read.

We outgrew all the bookshelves in her room 
and in every other part of the house.
You know if you read this blog, that I am a careful spender and consumer:
use it up, make it do, do without,
my mantra even before this economic mess.
So the local library has always been a wonderful resource
for our family.
Before we moved to town, one of the first places I checked out was the library.
The NYT's just did a piece on the importance of libraries: click here

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